BA in Fine Arts from the University of the Basque Country, (UPV/EHU). After gaining the Inter-University Masters in Contemporary History, she began work on her doctoral thesis, through the Program I+D+i Zabalduz 2012, working with both the UPV/EHU and the The Bilbao Fine Arts Museum.

Interested in Gender History and the History of Art, her main line of investigation focuses on the process of construction of identities and the capacity of art to produce and reproduce those models. Her approach considers that art —further than its aesthetic function— has also a sociopolitical agency contributing to the formation of class, gender and national identities. From this perspective she currently researches the process of creation and development of modern political cultures in the Basque Country, putting them in relation with the artistic production of the period.

In 2014, interested in contemporary research in the history of emotions, she undertook a three month stay at Bangor University (Gwynedd, Wales) under the supervision of Helena Miguélez-Carballeira.

Conference participation: “La construcción artística de las comunidades: Anselmo Guinea (1855-1906) y las identidades políticas de su tiempo” (Construction of artistic communities: Anselmo Guinea (1855-1906) and the political identities of his times), IV Meeting of Young Researchers in Contemporary History, Valencia, 10-13th September 2013; “Ensueño o Virgen obrera de Vicente Cutanda: una interpretación de la fuente pictórica para el estudio histórico” (Vicente Cutandas’s Daydream or Virgin Worker. An interpretation of the pictorial sources for historical studies) XVIII IOHA. Power and Democracy. International Congress of Oral History, Barcelona, 9-12th July 2014; “Los Flagelantes: Nación y emociones en la obra de Ignacio Zuloaga” (The Flagellants: Nation and emotions in Ignacio Zuloaga’s works of art), II International Seminary: New Perspectives. History and Emotions, Bilbao, 8-9th de June 2015.

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