Eduardo Hurtado is currently a pre-doctoral research fellow at the Department of Art and Technology, UPV/EHU, forming part of the ‘Modern Experience’ research group of the Archive of Oral History of the Basque Country (AHOA).

His research focuses on the analysis of the processes of shaping images in relation to the learning of technical gestures, and corporal and instructional experience, on the basis of a gender perspective and the Benjaminian concept of the narrator.  

Hurtado has been awarded different prizes and fellowships in the field of cultural analysis and curating, featuring the LaKarpintería artistic residency, Labore (DSS2016), Generaciones 2014, Inéditos de Caja Madrid in 2010, and the Centro Cultural Montehermoso research fellowship in 2009. Likewise, he has exhibited his work as an artist at different venues, fairs, and art centres, such as the Cervantes Institute in Berlin, the Centro Párraga, Windsor Kulturgintza, Nuble, and the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. In parallel, he has studied at the studios of Virginia Villaplana, Jon Mikel Euba, Valentín Roma, and Esther Ferrer.

He normally works as a curator, developing projects relating to the work process in art. Among his most recent undertakings special mention should go to ‘mcm’, with Rui Horta Pereira and Claire de Santa Coloma; ‘El Principio de Arquímedes’, with Santiago Morilla and Raúl Diaz Reyes; ‘Oscuro y Salvaje’ (curator project at La Casa Encendida); and ‘Todo cuanto hicimos fue insuficiente’.

On the basis of his training and practical experience in the field of the performing arts, he has developed stage-related lines of work. Worthy of special mention in this regard are the following: directing the stage play 15/3 (15 pieces in three acts), a stage-curator project presented at the Centre Sant Andreu in Barcelona in 2011; and KS, an experimental stage direction project which has led to the development of the film project of the same name (with Koldo Olabarri and Sara Barroeta).

Recently, Hurtado was commissioned to develop the audiovisuals commemorating the 60th anniversary of RTVE and to design the corporation’s stand at ARCO 2016. He is the programme director of Getxoarte, a contemporary art fair devoted to the works of young artists, which serves as a place for training and meets the dual purpose of mediating between the public at large and constructing a contemporary art context in the Basque Country.

He is currently finishing his PhD thesis and preparing the publication of his first poetry book and an illustrated children’s story. He is also a grassroots water polo trainer.

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